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RYN 102 Ryon Engineering Laboratory

  • Linux Lab Rear View-Projector Off
  • Linux Lab Rear View-Projector On
  • Linux Lab Front/Center View
  • Linux Lab Instructor View
  • Linux Lab Main Entrance View
Room Type
Computer Lab
20 - Tables & Chairs
No windows
Writing Surface
12'(W) x 6'(H)
Projection Surface
Retractable (motorized)
12'(W) x 7'(H)
Instructor PC
20 PCs
1 Laptop VGA Ports
Power at seats? Yes
Video Conferencing
Available? No
Student Wheelchair Access? Yes
Instructor Wheelchair Access? Yes

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Technology Instructions

Podium 3 - Lite

The "Podium 3 - Lite" class of podium is controlled by a "flip-top button controller" which is located on the lift section of the podium surface. This "flip-top button controller" houses all podium activation controls, projector on/off buttonvolume up/downsource selection buttons, and screen control buttons. This style podium is only equipped with a PC.

Classroom activation:

1 - Projector:

To activate the projector, you must press the "on" button on the "flip-top button controller" the "on" button is located on the left side of the controller. When the "on" button is pressed, the light on the button will begin to blink, informing the user that the projector has begun the warmup process.  The projector is ready to use when the light stops blinking and switches to solid.  To deactivate the projector, you must press the "off" button directly below the "on" button, the projector will then begin the shutdown process.

2 - Source Selection:

Once the projector is on, you may select a source to use.  Source buttons are clearly visible and marked on the "flip-top button controller".  Depending on the source with which the room is equipped, you may select PC, VGA Laptop or aux video (for any device connected to the aux inputs on the controller).  

Note: This room is only equipped with a VGA laptop connection and DVI laptop connection, no other connections to the projector are possible.

Note:  The selected computer, (PC) may be in hibernation mode, thus you will have to "wiggle" the mouse or press the "Esc" (escape) button on the keyboard to wake the computer.

3 - Monitor:

The monitor should be left on at all times, however “sleep mode” does activate after no source is present for 15 minutes.  To wake the monitor, you must first activate the system at the "flip-top button controller", wake the computer you plan to use by pressing the escape button or wiggling the mouse.  Once the computer is operational an image should be presented on the monitor.  It’s possible the monitor was powered off if no image is viewable on the monitor.  Please locate the monitor power button and press to activate the monitor (location of power button will vary depending on monitor model).  If the power has been activated and no image is present on the monitor, please call OIT operations at 713-348-4989 and a technician will be dispatched to assist.

4 - Audio:

There are three audio levels that must be taken into consideration when operating room audio.  The computer audio should be at max level.  The software audio should also be adjusted accordingly.  The room volume can then be adjusted at the "flip-top button controller", using the volume up/down button.  An indicator light will then raise and lower, indicating a rough room volume level.  

5 - Microphones (if applicable):

Please see the corresponding microphone "tab" for room specific instructions.

Note:  Not all classrooms are equipped with microphones.  

Note: Microphones "cannot be added" to the room without them being previously equipped in the room audio/video system.

Issues, questions, or urgent assistance please contact OIT Operations desk at 713-348-4989

In this room:

Dell OptiPlex 9020:


The PC computer can be selected from the source selection device particular to the system being used.  The PC computer has a 15-minute inactivity sleep timer that will activate when the keyboard or mouse are not moved, however the timer is rendered inactive when viewing a powerpoint file in presentation mode or watching a video (youtube, netflix, etc, or media player) in full screen mode.  When the PC computer is selected you may need to "wiggle" the mouse or press any key on the keyboard to wake the computer.  


On the login screen you may enter your "netid" or "temporary visitor id" that was obtained through the OIT help desk 713-348-HELP (4357).  All software on the PC computer is available to all who login to the computer.  The current software suite can be found at the following link.


The PC computer has USB ports on the front of the computer that can be used to plug and access your USB memory stick, charge a mobile phone, or plug a wireless receiver for a presentation advancing remote.

Software Link:  

PC Software Load: (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017)


Issues, questions, or urgent assistance please contact OIT Operations desk at 713-348-4989.